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Advantages of Teamwork

There are several reasons to require students to work in teams, whether in the classroom or online. Teamwork is one of the most valued skills in today's job market. Technical proficiency alone will not lead to a graduate being hired. Employers look for people who know how to work together to solve complex problems.

By working in teams, students learn to deal with diversity and conflict, which are skills that will benefit them in the workplace. Furthermore, course projects can be more interesting because student teams can tackle more complex tasks together than they could manage individually.

Identifying and figuring out how to meet the performance challenge is exciting and rewarding. Educational research shows a clear benefit to cooperative learning (students working in teams to accomplish a common goal). Finally, students working in teams are engaged in active learning, enhancing their own learning and understanding as they help each other learn the course material.


Students achieve these benefits from cooperative learning
The facilitator ensures there are no barriers to team learning.
Team formation online takes time and energy.