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CTET Highlights...Dr. Eva Malisius

Have you heard of Popplet

Photo of Eva Malisius

Dr. Eva Malisius, CAMN Program Head and Assistant Professor in the School of Humanitarian Studies, along with the support of CTET, has used Popplet to create engaging materials for her classes. View the graphic syllabus for CAMN 503  and CAMN 692.

Eva assigned her students the collaborative task of using Popplet to create mind maps as a way to (1) capture the diversity and uniqueness of conflict; (2) compile skills that are commonly associated with or expected of conflict management practitioners; and (3) identify the field of practice related to conflict management practitioners. 

Modelling high expectations and offering engaging activities is a sure-fire way to elevate the learning experience and to get the most from your students.  Eva’s use of Popplet to create an introductory video, a graphic syllabus, and an assignment for her students is truly innovative.

Interested in using Popplet, or other cloud-based learning tools, in your course? Contact STUDIO to help you to get started!