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Equipment Loan Out

Equipment Loan Out

Equipment Loan Outs

Audio visual equipment is available for class sessions, student course work or off-campus events. Submissions do not guarantee availability of equipment. Allow 3 working days to place an order. If there are questions, contact us.

Class Use

Reserve all learning space equipment for on-campus events through EMS.

Off-campus Use

Audio visual equipment is available for course projects or off-campus events.

Student Course Work

Audio visual kits are available for course projects. Contact the course Technical Coach or Program Associate for more details.

Equipment Booking

  • Person who submitted request must pick up equipment.
  • We will arrange a pick-up time with you (8:00-4:00) from LIC room 106.
  • Contact us if you cannot meet your scheduled pick up time.
  • You may drop off equipment (8:00-4:00) with LIC Reception.

Responsibility for Equipment

  • Person signing is responsible for safekeeping and prompt return.
  • Equipment malfunctions or damages must be reported.
  • Please inform us immediately if equipment lost or stolen.
  • Penalty for repeated overdue equipment is loss of privileges.

Submit a request using the equipment loan out form.

Audio Visual Equipment Loan Out Agreement Form