G.L.O.A.T. - 5 Principles for Effective Assessment

Posted by Web Systems on Tue, 05/29/2018 - 9:27am

To assist instructors in their assessment activities, it could be useful to keep in mind five principles for effective assessment that instructors can "G.L.O.A.T." about:

  1. Growth: assessment goes beyond outcomes, it measures growth as well as outcomes (Pat Hutchings, "Behind Outcomes: Contexts and Questions for Assessment)
  2. Learn: the assessment provides students with opportunities to continue to learn
  3. Outcomes: the assessment relates directly to learning outcomes at the same hierarchical level
  4. Authentic: the assessment is authentic in that it resembles real-life applications
  5. Triangulation: the assessment combines several sources e.g. self/faculty/peer

(Developed by Estelle Paget, 2001)