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How are courses assigned to a Service Level?

Program areas determine service level based on development need of the course, several months to a year or more prior to their start date. Here is a general sense of how courses "land" in one of the levels.

  • Service Level 1: These courses have run before, and can run again pretty much the same (with minor tweaks done by instructor, for example to readings). A course may be re/assigned to Level 1 if no instructor is available to work on 15 weeks before the start date; this ensures it will be ready to start on time.
  • Service Level 2: These courses have run before, and still require the expertise of an instructional designer to support intentional learning design or faculty development.
  • Service Level 3: These are typically new courses, with the longest development cycle (~6 - 16 months). An instructional designer is assigned to support learning design and the whole development timeline, beginning with Curriculum Committee support through to final quality reviews.