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Inclusivity enhances learning

  • Aim to make each participant feel welcome in the class
  • In face-to-face learning contexts, an instructor should circulate physically in all parts of the classroom to indicate that he/she is trying to reach all students
  • Questions should be carefully chosen and then instructors should wait for students to answer
  • Encourage responses with eye contact, pleasant facial expressions, nodding
  • Recognize the contributions of students, especially those reluctant to speak out
  • Instructors should stress that ALL students are expected to participate in online and face-to-face discussions
  • Credit the students by repeating their names, "As Susan said,..."
  • Coach for additional information: "Why do you think that is?"
  • Write the student's comments on the board, an overhead, a flip chart, or in online discussions, summarize them and refer to them in postings to discussion groups
  • Encourage learners by referring back to comments they have made
  • Choose examples carefully. Include men and women, able-bodied people and people with disabilities, people with different sexual orientations and cultural backgrounds.