Instructional Designer

As the course development project manager, it is the role of the Instructional Designer to:

  • Serve as the dedicated liaison between members of the development team (faculty member, creative lead, web developer, technical, copyright)
  • Ensure that all development team members are aware of the course development process & clarify the roles & responsibilities of team members
  • Negotiate timelines and deliverables for development of course content
  • Provide an orientation to the educational philosophy and approach to online development at RRU and direct the faculty member to additional course development resources that are pertinent
  • Orient faculty to the educational technologies that will be used, including both Moodle LMS and other web tools
  • Suggest instructional and assessment strategies and enabling technologies that are appropriate for the content area
  • Review and provide feedback on: learning activities, assessment and evaluation strategies, course resources, use of discussion groups, course workload, balance between team and individual activities, clarity of the course schedule, use of multimedia, overall course design
  • Review and provide feedback on clarity of language
  • Ensure that course development is on schedule (project management)

When course development is completed it is the role of the Instructional Designer to:

  • Provide an orientation to new faculty members on how to manage, and facilitate their course, in the online learning environrment
  • Debrief "how it went" once the course is completed
  • Participate in the quality check process