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Royal Roads University uses a variety of learning technologies to support online and on-campus courses. The CTET team collaborates with faculty and program staff to assure technology is successfully embedded into both the course design process and the teaching process.

Our philosopy of learning technologies is that technology needs to work, for the studentThe LMS (Moodle) provides students reliable online access to information and course materials, and is focused on "what's expected, what's happening NOW, in my course". As for learning activities which engage and support knowledge-building, innovation and transformation, the sky is the limit. CTET works towards supporting instructors and students in using tools for creativity, innovation, reflective practice, and community-building. 

CTET follows the Horizon Report and other educational technology thought-leadership, as a means of charting implementation, adoption and diffusion of learning technologies. We encourage experimenting and doing, beyond the LMS. It is all about Reclaiming Innovation! in higher education.

Information about how to use Moodle, and other locally-supported technologies, can be found in the RRU Knowledge Base.

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Moodle is the Learning Management System at RRU.
WebSpace is based on WordPress, an open source content management system.
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Blackboard Collaborate, BlueJeans, Skype and Google Groups.
Using media in a course is an excellent way to engage different types of learners.
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Explore online collaboration using wikis, Google Docs and more.
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Use RSS Feeds to be notified of all new information posted on favourite sites.
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BC’s FIPPA laws require students to make a conscious choice about using social media in their courses.