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Online Collaboration

When asking students to use a tool that requires personal information to be stored on a server outside of Canada, please be familiar with Royal Roads University's Cloud-based Learning Tools Notification.



Wikis are a great way of enabling collaboration between students. A wiki is essentially a web page that can be edited by all those with access. Moodle has a built-in wiki tool, and there are many others available.

Google Drive

Google offers a suite of cloud-based applications that support online collaboration with spreadsheets, presentations, documents, and more.

Other Collaboration Tools

Other popular collaboration tools include Zoho,, Mindmeister, and PBWorks.

The intersection of Social Media Tools Learning and Social Learning

RRU's team-based and experiential learning environment  (Learning and Teaching Model) lends itself to the use of social media tools. The intersection of Social Media Tools with the theory-and-practice of Social Learning provides many opportunities for innovative teaching and learning.


Additional Support & Resources

Visit CTET's STUDIO for face-to-face, telephone, or online assistance with using online collaboration tools in your course. If your course has been assigned an Instructional Designer, meet with your ID to explore how these types of tools can be used to support your students' learning.

The RRU Knowledge Base is also a great source of information to answer 'how to' questions.  Remember to always login to access information behind the firewall.

Browse the list of excellent RRU Library Guides.  These resources are continually updated and provide concise info on a variety of topics important to busy Faculty and Students.