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Presentations and Media

Using media in a course is an excellent way to enliven a course and engage learners in different ways. Asking students to do presentations and create media as part of course assignments allows them to demonstrate their learning in dynamic ways which can then be applied in their professional lives.


Include a welcome video in your course, to add instructor presence and frame the upcoming activities to students. This kind of video can be easily created using a smart phone or tablet - stop into STUDIO for help on this kind of video creation.  

If you require higher quality course video resources, connect with Media Support Services.


Adding narration to presentations helps to create a classroom experience online.  Students can also use this added feature to create interesting presentations, a skill that can also enhance their professional lives.


Podcasting has become an increasingly popular way of providing content to students as it allows them to use mobile devices to access course content. There are many ways to create them, and CTET can help you with creation, editing, and best practices for use.


Infographics combine visuals, data, and text to tell a complex and important story at a glance. They display information visually in a clear, structured and attention grabbing way.  Instructors and students can use the following cloud-based tools tools to present a course outline, synthesize knowledge, or illustrate a process.

More free infographic tools can be found on this list. 

See the RRU Infographic LibGuide for ideas.

Cloud-based Learning Tools at RRU

On first login to Moodle, students see a new pop-up window asking for their consent to use social media in course work.  Instructors may view student responses from their admin block.  Please see the Cloud-based Learning Tools information in the RRU Knowledge Base for details.

Additional Resources & Support

Visit CTET's STUDIO for face-to-face, telephone, or online assistance with creating presentations or media for your course.  If your course has been assigned an Instructional Designer, meet with your ID to explore how these types of tools can be used to support your students' learning.

The RRU Knowledge Base is also a great source of information to answer 'how to' questions.  Remember to always login to access information behind the firewall.

Browse the list of excellent RRU Library Guides.  These resources are continually updated and provide concise info on a variety of topics important to busy Faculty and Students.