Role of the Team Coach at RRU

Posted by kwebster on Fri, 04/08/2016 - 12:11pm
Mr. Keith Webster

Role of the Team Coach at RRU

Team coaching services were centralized just over a year ago, under the Coaching & Counselling Centre within Student Services, and there has been a lot of progress regarding content and processes. Sarah Chettleburgh, Trish Dyck, Giordane Simoes, and Michael Pardy shared how team coaching services are evolving. You will be invited to join in on a discussion of what is working well, and what areas we can focus on as we move forward.

The conversation included:

  • Team coaching approach and processes
  • Levels of service and available resources
  • How coaches work with program staff and faculty

A cross-section of Royal Roads students formed a panel answering questions and describing their experience working with a Team Coach.

Event starts at 13:15