Scholarly Contributions

The Royal Roads University Learning and Teaching Model (LTM) evolves, through practice, peer-mentoring, and ongoing scholarly contributions to research. This LTM work is an example of scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL). 

RRU research intersects with SoTL and explores the reflective practice and scholary work of other post-secondary educators whose research is positioned in the domain of SoTL.  

Bookmark this webpage for updates on LTM research-and-practice at Royal Roads University. 

June 2016

Launch of the LTM book: Engaging Students in Life-Changing Learning: Royal Roads University's Learning and Teaching Model in Practice

June 2014 - May 2016

RRU engaged in an open and collaborative approach to scholarly input and critique to produce a self-published Pressbooks text.  

April 2014

With the support of the office of the Vice President Academic, Royal Roads University initiated a call for expressions of interest for a scholarly publication focused on current practices related to the Learning and Teaching Model (LTM). The Cases in RRU LTM series will be organized around key topics that emerge from the submitted expressions of interest, and will include examples of:

  • Scholarly case narratives of existing practices:
  • Institutional change and transformation initiatives
  • New innovations in learning and teaching

Each case study will disseminate an innovation or practice related to one or more of the eleven components of the RRU LTM. 

Oct 2013

A paper describing LTM received an Award of Distinction at the World Conference of the 25th International Council for Distance Education, held in Tianjin, China, Oct. 16-18 (Marquez, P., Hamilton, D. and Agger-Gupta, N., Real Life, Real Learning – The Royal Roads University Experience).

April 2013

The Royal Roads University Learning and Teaching Model (LTM) was formalized as a framework for describing the authentic learning experience at RRU.