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Service Levels

Service Levels support the creation and maintenance of excellent courses. Academic program areas assign Service Levels to a course which then enables CTET to effectively manage available resources.  

Service Level 1 (SL1) 

"Copy" or "Rollover" courses that have run before. These courses may need minor tweaks, based on the Service Level 1 Checklist. Learn more about SL1...

Service Level 2 (SL2) 

Existing courses that need some Learning Design/Instructional Designer expertise and input. Learn more about SL2... 

Service Level 3 (SL3)

New or existing courses that need significant Learning Design/Instructional Designer expertise and input. Learn more about SL3...

Questions about the service levels?

If you have any questions about the Service Levels see our FAQ or contact STUDIO.

Service Level 1 courses have run before and need only minor updates.
SL2's have run before and need the learning design expertise of an ID.
Typically brand new course or in need of significant learning design support.
Use this 'checklist' when developing or revising a SL2 or SL3 course.
Scan these FAQs for quick answers.