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TeamsWork is a collaborative initiative between the Coaching & Counselling Centre (CCC) and Centre for Teaching and Education Technology (CTET) focussing on the development of team-based learning at RRU. The Coaching & Counselling Centre has created resources available on the Team Coaching Services page.

The TeamsWork initiative includes:

  • A Three-part Workshop Series on Teamwork and Team Assignments @RRU
  • Examination of Team Based Learning Outcomes
  • Clarification of the role, processes and expectations of Team Coaches
  • Development of team-based learning best practices, tools and resources for faculty, staff and students

TeamsWork Events

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Teaching with Technology Grants  Project and Teams


RRU Examples

  • Team-based Learning - From the RRU Learning and Teaching Model 2013 Series. See recorded video of 4 instructors and one student sharing approaches they used in RRU courses

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