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Video Recording & Production

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Our technical team is available to answer any questions you may have about your video concept or to provide guidance on planning, location shooting and recording options. Whether it is a short testimonial video to introduce a course or a promotional vehicle highlighting your program, we can guide you through the process. Contact us to discuss your video recording or production. 

Video Recording

We can capture and archive live video and audio recordings of your event, lecture, or guest speaker presentation. Deliverables will be provided upon request for course content on Moodle, public or private consumption on RRU’s official YouTube site and Live Stream channel. The best multi-camera recording for high end presentations and live stream events can be achieved, in the LIC Centre for Dialogue. The space is booked through the EMS system.

Video Production

We work with you in creating, recording and producing high-quality, customized video’s, with promotional, recruitment or educational content, in our production facilities. Submissions should include a brief description of the project, production timeline, budget and deadline of final product. We do not make copies of copyrighted materials unless the rights have been cleared and permissions granted by the content owners. A meeting to fully discuss your project will occur after the request is received.

Typical Studio Recordings

  • Interviews
  • Testimonials
  • Talking head video
  • Audio and voice over recording


Our editing facilities are fully equipped to produce and deliver professional high quality video to accommodate your audio and video projects. Whether it’s assembling video clips for educational course content, or adding voice over and special effects to multi-camera footage for a promotional video, our skilled and supportive technical team’s goal is to communicate your story clearly and with style.

Submit a Request Form

A video recording or video production request form must be filled out and submitted for all recorded events and productions. These questions will help us provide you with exceptional video product, ensure equipment is reserved, and maintain branding standards. It is essential that advanced scheduling and planning occur to add your project to our production schedule and a shooting location selected, particularly when groups of people are involved. Please ensure the space is booked through the EMS system.

  • Allow 5 working days to submit your request prior to the project date.
  • Allow 5 working days for deliverables.
  • Cancellations must be received 48 hours prior to project date.
  • Contact the Manager of Media Support Services for afterhours and weekend functions.

Model Release

Model Release Form must be filled out prior to any project. We reserve the right to use your name or recorded image for promotional or educational purposes.