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2017 Year at a glance

All CTET events are posted in the Crossroads calendar.  See the event feed on the right side of this page for the next three events scheduled.

See a complete list of our upcoming events.
Events, conferences, webinars and workshops available from organizations and institutions.
Helping instructors develop and enhance the skills needed to effectively facilitate online learning.
Hands-on Moodle editing experience using basic and advanced features and tools.
3 day workshop focusing on teaching practice, lesson planning, feedback and assessment.
An in-depth look at core components of the RRU Learning & Teaching Model.
Blackboard Collaborate is an online learning and collaboration platform used by RRU.
CTET and the Office of Research, present the Teaching with Technology Grants.
CTET offers workshops, online tutorials and a drop-in service, STUDIO, to help you.