Cloud-based Learning Tools Notification

Cloud-based applications can be outstanding tools for optimizing student engagement in blended and online learning. Cloud-based learning tools can effectively bridge the gap between Moodle-based course content, learning activities and students. Cloud-based tools are “outside of Moodle” and include YouTube, blogs, wikis, twitter, Flickr, PopcornMaker, etc.

So what's the deal with the Cloud-based Learning Tools Notification?

Because of BC’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FIPPA) laws, students need to make a conscious choice to decide to use cloud-based application as part of their RRU learning experience. At RRU, students are asked to provide a one-time response (consent) regarding the use of these tools. This response is recorded, visible to instructors, and can be changed by students in their Moodle profile any time.  If a student “opts out”, the course instructor will provide an alternative assignment that does not require the use of these tools, but still allows the students to meet the learning outcomes of the assignment.

Need to know more?

Please see the RRU Cloud-based Learning Tools notification Knowledge Base article.