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If my course is "Service Level 1", how do I get help?

You have a choice!

  • Service Level 1 Checklist & resources - this is a tool to quickly review key things in your course before it starts
  • Submit a request for help online, including key details (e.g., link to course, start date, description of question/problem/request) and we will triage and respond as soon as possible.
  • Drop in to STUDIO (LIC 004) any time 8:00 - 4:30, Monday to Friday

How are courses assigned to a Service Level?

Program areas determine service level based on development need of the course, several months to a year or more prior to their start date. Here is a general sense of how courses "land" in one of the levels.

  • Service Level 1: These courses have run before, and can run again pretty much the same (with minor tweaks done by instructor, for example to readings/dates). Instructor should be proficient in Moodle.
  • Service Level 2: These courses have run before, and still require the expertise of an instructional designer to support intentional learning design or faculty development. A course may be re/assigned to Level 2 if no instructor is available to work on 14 weeks before the start date, or if an instructor is new to Moodle.
  • Service Level 3: These are typically new courses, or courses in need of significant learning design support.  An instructional designer is assigned to support learning design and the whole development timeline (~6 - 16 months)., beginning with Curriculum Committee support through to final quality reviews.

How are courses re-assigned from Service Level 2 to 1

Program requests the change (Manual change): Program Office alerts CTET Course Coordinator at least 12 weeks + 3 days before course start date (to get into the proper workflow and automated messaging of SL1).

How are courses re-assigned from Service Level 1 to 2

A SL1 course is changed to a SL2 (always manually) if...

  • Program decides to reassign the course because there is a need for specific learning design support or an instructor is new to Moodle. 
    • Program informs CTET Course Coordinator of the change by 12 weeks prior (i.e., before the work starts). 
  • No instructor information has been provided to CTET.
    • If there is no instructor information in CTET's Agresso report at 14 weeks, the course is assigned to SL 2.

CTET course coordinator then assigns additional CTET resources in ASW, and informs CTET management team re: resourcing implications.

How can I tell what level a course is?

After program areas assign a service level to courses, this information is stored in Agresso (RRU's Student Information System) as a part of the CTET Course Schedule report. All program staff at RRU have access to view this report. Also, PAs listed as the program contact on each course will receive automated/standard messaging; these messages will also indicate which level the particular course is.