Final Review

The final review of Service Level 2 & Service Level 3 courses is intended to give the course a final "once-over" from the student perspective, and with the student experience in mind.

Please note: CTET does not provide copy editing; instructors are responsible for the quality of their course content.  Course materials should be free of spelling and grammatical errors.

We will review courses for the following:

Overall Presentation & Best Practices

  • Consistent use of language: we recommend the instructor refer to his or herself in first person and students in second person.
  • Formatting, e.g. numbers, bullets, bold, italics, headings, is used appropriately and to maximize readability, with particular consideration to those using screen readers.
  • Course is free of all redundant information that should be linked to rather than reproduced, e.g. university-wide policy information around grades, fees, etc.  
  • The same Learning Outcomes appear throughout the course, in the Course Learning Outcomes page, Schedule, and Assessment Matrix 

Date and Naming Consistency

  • Use and style of due dates is consistent throughout the course, both in terms of format and location.
  • All dates in the Schedule correspond with dates in forums, Assignments Dropboxes or other tools.
  • Titles of assignments, activities, units, weeks, etc. are consistent throughout the course.