Learning, Teaching, & Research Model

The Learning, Teaching, and Research Model (LTRM), updated in 2019, is a cornerstone of Royal Roads University's success. 

Royal Roads University aims to provide learning, teaching and research that help people transform careers and lives by solving problems and creating opportunities in the world. As set out in our original Learning and Teaching Model (LTM) in 2013, we focus on

"producing citizens of the world who are passionate, determined and confident lifelong learners, integrated into a broad network of like-minded learners, and who can confidently manage and resolve complex, real-life problems."

This updated Learning Teaching and Research Model (LTRM) offers a snapshot of the values, worldviews, attributes and practices that reflect and shape the unique learning environment, culture, practice and service at Royal Roads. It aspires to inspire ongoing engagement, creativity, dialogue and debate among our wider community. We seek to continue the conversation about what we do, why we do it and how it contributes to living our shared values.

This LTRM can be distilled to three core categories of values that express what our faculty, staff, students, alumni, advisory councils and other community members perceive as unique and forward-thinking in our work: applied and authentic, caring and community-based, and transformational.

 Explore the LTRM further by selecting one of two reference booklets available:

LTRM Quick Reference Booklet (13 pages - PDF will open):

LTRM Full Reference Booklet (32 pages - PDF will open):

Faculty and associate faculty are invited to connect with their CTET instructional designer to discuss how the LTRM can be used in course design and delivery.