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There are several different Moodle sites in use at Royal Roads University. Students are directed to the main Moodle landing page to find their courses. Faculty and staff also use that page to find their courses, however there may be times when a course they are looking for is not found there.  Here is the list of Moodle sites available at RRU.

Moodle SitesURLUSAGE
Credit courses courses are “live” and available until 90 days after the course end date (as entered in Agresso).
Non-credit courses
https://csonline.royalroads.caContinuing studies, Professional development and other non-credit courses
Course Archivehttps://moodlearchive.royalroads.caEvery 3-4 years, courses with [end date +90 days] are “archived” (moved to with user data (i.e., with forum posts, assignment submissions, etc).
Archived courses are viewable on for 3 years. This is provided for viewing past course activity only.
Innovate-Now is the home of communities of practice(COP) and sandbox courses/sites. It is always the current version of Moodle.
Open Educational Resources (OER) Roads University makes some of our instructional and faculty training materials available as Open Educational Resources.
Crane (Bilingual English/Chinese) a lightly themed vanilla Moodle site with a Mandarin language pack to host online courses of MALEM – Dalian program. 

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