Purpose & Eligibility

The purpose of the Kelly Outstanding Teaching Awards is to promote the RRU learner-centered university philosophy and to acknowledge outstanding teaching. An endowment fund for this award was created in recognition of Dr. Gerald O. Kelly, the first installed President of RRU. Dr. Kelly, a teacher by trade, emphasized building the university around the centrality of the learner and the importance of excellence in teaching.

The Kelly Outstanding Teaching Awards recognize Core Faculty or Associate Faculty members who are deemed to be representative outstanding teachers at RRU by learners and the committee. They must also be considered as one who makes a positive contribution to teaching excellence. The awards are open to all RRU faculty members who are actively engaged in teaching for-credit and Continuing Studies courses to University students at RRU.

Eligibility Criteria

  • All core and associate faculty members, including lab instructors, who are actively engaged in teaching for-credit to RRU learners, are eligible.
  • Award recipients agree to share, through a variety of media, their approach to teaching and learning.

 a)     Kelly Outstanding Teaching Award

  • Candidates must have taught 5 or more RRU courses.
  • Candidates must not have won the Gerry Kelly Outstanding Teaching Award previously.

 b)    New Teacher Award

  • Candidates must have taught less than 5 RRU courses.
  • Candidates must not have won the New Teacher Award previously.

c)     Team Teaching Award

  • Candidates must have taught 3 or more RRU courses together as a team.
  • 50% of nominated team must not have won the Team Teaching Award previously.

d)    Outstanding Workshop Facilitation Award

  • Candidates must be an instructor within the RRU Continuing Studies Program.
  • Candidates must not have won the Continuing Studies Teaching Award before.

Additional eligibility for Kelly Outstanding Teaching Award, Outstanding Workshop Facilitation Award and Team Teaching Award

  • Candidates have demonstrated a sustained record of teaching effectiveness.
  • Candidates have demonstrated a commitment to continually improving their teaching and learning.
  • Candidates identify what makes their course and approach to teaching unique.

Deadline for nominations and applications is in May.

For full details about eligibility, the nomination process, and the Awards Committee please view the Terms of Reference.

Please contact CTET Faculty Development for more information about this award.