Service Level 2 (SL2)

Description and needs of the course:

  • has run before;
  • requires some learning design/development work;
  • needs a final review and instructional design support.

Description and needs of the instructor:

  • new to RRU and/or teaching with Moodle;
  • assigned to SL2 because no instructor was identified 14 weeks prior to course start date;
  • would like course to have a final review and instructional design support;
  • (in some cases) a course developer/faculty member has been contracted for moderate development work.

Key deadlines for Service Level 2:

Level 2  timeline

  • 6 months - 16 weeks: program verifies which course to be used for copy.
  • 15 Weeks prior to go-live: CTET copies course contents into new shell.
  • 6 weeks prior to go-live: readings & resource list is considered final (any edits must be done by this date). Copyright clears the list in Moodle.
  • 4 weeks prior to go-live: all course development work complete and run through Course Checklist to ensure course is ready; ID sends course to Technical Review
  • 2 weeks prior to go-live: ID sends course to Final Review