SL1 Checklist

Once Programs receive Service Level 1 (SL1) courses from CTET (Program Associates get an email after it is copied), there are some things they and/or the instructors may want to do, and some things that must be done.

  1. Plan when you are going to make your updates and let your Learning Technologist (LT) know.
  2. Please refer to the hidden Tasks Timeline Moodle page at the top of your course.
  3. Use this checklist as a guide for your course updates before it goes to Technical Review. (download a Printable version)
  4. Please complete your updates on or before the date in the message from the Program Associate, and send a message to the LT and to @RRU-CTET-SA once you are done.

The LT will then do a Technical Review and let you know when finished.

Many links go to the Computer Services Knowledge Base - you may need to sign in with your RRU username and password to access information behind the firewall.

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1. Overall Quality and Structure
 You have looked through the course and are satisfied with it.Editing content - applies to any Moodle content – pages, books, Activity Schedule, readings list, etc.
 Instructor contact information and profile are current and with the correct linkAdding and Editing Links
 Course adheres to accessibility guidelines.Accessibility Guidelines for Course Development
Course layout and contents adhere to format and standards of the program.Check with the Learning Technologist or your Program about standards and templates.
 Links all work and are descriptive of the destination page (no "click here").
  • External Links open in a new window
  • Internal Links (links to pages within the course and links to files) open in the same window
Adding and Editing Links
2. Naming Conventions and Dates
 Assignment names are the same in the schedule, assignment description, assessment matrix and Moodle assignmentsDo not call something Assignment #1 - Research Project in one place and Assignment One - Final Paper in another.
 Activities & Assignment titles should indicate whether individualteam or class in parentheses at the end of the title.e.g. for a class discussion on concept map: Title would be: "Concept Map (Class)"
 A course Activity Schedule is present, and updated for this offering.How To Edit A Course Schedule
 Due Dates in Moodle assignments are consistent with those in the schedule. When possible, use the default due time of 11:55pm (use 23:55 in the Moodle assignment settings drop-down menu).Do not put dates and times in other places; it makes it harder to keep everything consistent in this offering and harder to update for the next offering. If you change a date in the schedule, you must also change the corresponding activity (e.g assignments) – see Editing common activities.
3. Assignments, Activities, Learning Outcomes and Teams
 Assignment instructions are clear, complete, detailed and in a single place.Students get confused and worry if they find similar information in multiple places.
 Settings for Activities, Gradebook and Moodle Assignments are correct and gradebook weights add up to 100%.Ask for the Learning Technologist's assistance, if needed.
 Learning Outcomes identified with assignments/activities are consistent with those listed in the approved course outline. Ensure consistency between Course Outline, Assessment Matrix, Activity Schedule when appropriate, and Assignment Description.Contact STUDIO for assistance.
 Any files in the course that were included in previous offerings, e.g. PowerPoints, PDFs, Word docs, are updated for the upcoming course (dates, names, contact info). Use a folder for multiple files.To add new files: File upload
 Teams must be set up in Moodle before students submit their work or post.Please check if the settings are correct. For help in setting these up correctly, please contact the Learning Technologist, see  How to Setup Groups and Groupings, create a help ticket online or contact STUDIO.
4. Readings and Copyright
 Readings and resources, required and optional, are in a single place so that Copyright Office can approve them, at 6 weeks before course starts. Readings are complete, correct, and in proper academic citation format for your discipline and are links only, without any PDF or Word documents, unless approved by Copyright.

Have you done due diligence to ensure that your course (PowerPoints, video clips, images, etc.) adheres to current copyright law?

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