Technical Review

This is a summary of the items that are checked in every course by four to nine weeks before the course goes live (Service Level 1), and up to four weeks before the course goes live (Service Levels 2 and 3). If problems are found, they are listed in the (hidden) Tasks Timeline page (or, previously, Development Notes) located at the top of your course.

Course and Resource Settings

  • Settings on course pages, team, forum, activity and assignment are correct
  • Multiple section course settings are checked, if applicable
  • Grade book weightings total 100 and match those in the Assessment Matrix and Schedule

Course Layout and Presentation

  • Program Standards are applied (permissions, requirements, gradebook settings, policy links, etc)
  • Welcome message up to date with instructor contact information
  • Collaborate rooms created as required
  • Tasks Timeline page is hidden (not visible to students)
  • All pages reviewed to ensure they follow Accessibility Guidelines for Course Development


  • All pages meet formatting consistency
  • External style sheets used for formatting pages
  • Inline styles avoided if possible
  • Tables use RRU CSS classes
  • All information conveyed with color is also available without colour


  • Links (URLs) function and are formatted properly
  • Links are descriptive and consistent with the destination headings/content (e.g. no "click here")
  • External Links open in a new window
  • Internal Links (links to pages within the course and links to files) open in the same window


  • Activity titles indicate team settings in parentheses at the end of the title
    • For a class discussion on concept map, title would be: "Concept Map (Class)"
    • For a team discussion on climate change, title would be: "Climate Change (Team)"
  • Activity names are consistent in all locations
  • Dates & Times consistent with schedule

Course files

Course files are displayed and linked properly

  • Large groups of files are displayed in a "Folder"
  • If outdated files appear e.g. "Handout-2008.doc", recommend that file names are changed to be date-neutral
  • Media files (graphics, audio & video) are stored externally on a media server, not within the course


Graphics and animations are designed, developed and presented for ease-of-use in an online environment

  • Are of good quality, clear, with the proper size, and legible
  • Fit in the middle pane and are responsive for smaller resolutions
  • Alt tags describe the media
  • Designed to maximize user control (e.g. intuitive controls for play and stop on a video clip)
  • File size for multimedia items is optimized for the fastest delivery possible, without compromising quality