Video Production

Image of Video Camera

A video production is a customized creative project that usually involves some consultation, scripting, storyboarding, on-location and/or studio recording, and post-production editing. Our team of skilled and experienced technicians can work with you to produce high-quality videos for promotional, recruitment, or educational content, such as staff profiles, interviews, testimonials, “talking head” videos, audio and voice-over recordings, and more. Please note that we do not make copies of copyrighted materials unless the rights have been cleared and permissions granted by the content owners.

Submit a Request Form

A video production request form must be filled out and submitted for all video production projects. Requests for video production projects should include a brief description of the project, production timeline, budget, and deadline of final product. A meeting to fully discuss your project will occur after the request is received. It is essential that advanced planning occur to add your project to our production schedule and ensure your timelines are met. We recommend submitting the video production request form well in advance (e.g. a month or more) of when you hope to have the final video project delivered to you.

Model Release Form must be completed by all people who will appear in your video production. We reserve the right to use their names or recorded image for promotional or educational purposes.