Web/video conferencing

CTET provides and supports two web/video-conferencing platforms, BlueJeans and Collaborate. Both are great platforms for conducting meetings and connecting synchronously with individuals or groups in a “virtual face-to-face” environment. 

Both platforms include:

  • Voice & webcam sharing (audio & video);
  • File sharing (e.g. PowerPoint, etc.);
  • Screen or application sharing (with screen/app sharing, other participants in the session can see what you are doing on your computer screen);
  • Chat with other participants as a group or privately;
  • Different permissions for moderators vs. participants;
  • The option to use phone for audio;
  • Guest access via web link;
  • Session recording;
  • The option for users (faculty/staff) to have their own accounts so they can independently create and manage their sessions; and
  • Both platforms are also mobile device (phone/iPad/tablet) friendly.

Collaborate Ultra 

Collaborate Ultra can be used to create a virtual classroom where participants can share documents, collaborate on projects, and communicate via chat, video, and voice in real time. Collaborate Ultra can be useful for virtual office hours, team meetings, weekly check-ins, remote classes, and more. For more ideas about how Collaborate Ultra can be used, contact your CTET instructional designer

CTET provides training to instructors who want to use Collaborate Ultra to facilitate learning in a synchronous environment. We offer two workshops:

  • Getting Started with Collaborate Ultra is focused on learning how to use Collaborate Ultra and developing technical proficiency using Collaborate Ultra tools and moderator controls. This 90-minute workshop is delivered synchronously online.
  • Teaching with Collaborate Ultra is focused on developing skills for teaching interactively online using Collaborate Ultra. This workshop is delivered synchronously online in two 90-minute sessions.

In addition to these two workshops, our Collaborate Ultra support extends to:

Contact CTET Studio to discuss any of these options.  


A Bluejeans meeting allows for face-to-face, audio and video interaction, communication and collaboration with online participants for long-distance meetings, interviews and seminars. You can use a variety of hardware and software-based video platforms including your desktop internet browser; Google Video Chat, Microsoft Lync; (HD) videoconference units; or IOS and Android apps for your tablet, IPad or phone. Each session can support up to 25 concurrent users and devices.

Please contact CTET's Media Support Services office to set up your account, then watch this short video to learn how to set up your first meeting.  All support for BlueJeans is provided through the BlueJeans site.

Not sure which of our web-conferencing platforms is right for you?

Review our recent Crossroads article: Choosing the right video conferencing tool